Kya Tropic Titty Attack

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Hello there, her name is Kya Tropic. She is an Asian girl who wants to have a little fun once in a while. What do you think of her blue dress that she’s wearing? Are her boobs too big for this dress? She has long black hair passing her shoulder; with a smile that some says is sexy with her pearly white teeth. She has those chinky eyes that can look into us and makes us fall deeply in love with. With her sitting like this, we would think she’s such an angel, but you will see soon enough that she too has a bad side.

Ooops! Sorry Kya Tropic couldn’t keep up the act. She wanted to take this dress off for you to see what she’s talking about. To show us  what kind of body she has. She hopes we find it sexy . She has a well plump ass that we can grab. And a fully natural breasts that we can chew on. Do we still want her to take it all off? She’s kind of shy though, She hopes we can help her take it all off. Do we like her heels? She wears them to make her legs longer; she really hopes we don’t mind it.

Having a cock inside her feels so good. Can we see very well? She spread her legs apart for us to see how the cock enters her. It doesn’t hurt much but she wishes it was us there with her. She has to hold her breasts when she rides on someone. They bounce up and down! She can’t help it sometimes so she intends to suck on them too, since fucking feels so good. Do we want some of this action boys??

Kya Tropic Biography

  • Birthday: December 25, 1988
  • Home: Riverside, California
  • Measurements: 36D
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 134 ponds
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Asian

Kya Tropic was born in Riverside, California in 1988 and she began her adult industry career in 2009 when she was 21 years old. During her first year in the adult industry, Kya was featured in a number of adult niches including Asian, oral, anal and interracial. Kya Tropic has fans all over the globe for a variety of reasons including those giant natural titties of hers! Kya does not currently have any known tattoos or piercings. During her adult career Kya Tropic has worked with a range of adult production studios including Evil Angel, New Sensations, Lethal Hardcore and West Coast. Kya has also worked alongside some big name stars including Lexi Belle, Nikki Coxxx, Ice Lafox and Luscious Lopez.

Kya Tropic Penthouse

Check Out Kya Tropic In Penthouse!

  Welcome back! In this picture she took the pleasure of showing to us her natural titties that she is famous for. Does it look too small? She really hopes not…because she wants us to notice her. Even though we seem to look at her face, She noticed we can’t help but glance at her breasts! We’re such bad boys! If we like them that much, why not join her there at her penthouse pool? We can do all kinds of fun here!

Do we like the scenery behind her? Or do we like what we see in the pool? Since she got the bubbles going, she invites us to come along and jump in the pool with her. She know we’ll have a lot of fun together for sure. Leaning back she expects we can get to like her curves, She does have an hourglass figure.

  If she squeezes her breasts together like these does it make us more interested? She puts her fingers together thinking of an idea what to do to us once we get there in the pool with her. Is she teasing us too much? Come, she can squeeze our cock in between her breasts! Her pink nipples are waiting to be touched by us, see how hard they are just thinking about us.

Kya Tropic

Kya Tropic Play Drums Or Suck Chopsticks?

  In this picture, she visited a friend’s house hoping he can help her out on something. She noticed that he was carrying a drumstick! She is getting all excited! She wonders if she looks sexy in her white stripe polo with my black skirt. Do she look intriguing enough for him?

So he does play the drums! That’s kinda hot! Speaking of hot, all that rocking out made her feel all warm. So she took of her clothes, Skirt first so he can see her black thong that she wore especially for this case. She noticed he can’t help and stare at her breasts when she started unbuttoning her polo. She really does expect us boys like her body.

Now that she got most of her clothes off, it is time for him to take his off! So she asked him to remove his polo, revealing that muscle toned abs! That is so hot! So she grabs him by the belt hoping he gets the idea that she want his pants off too! Will we check out her body?  


Kya Tropic Cum Fu

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Today Kya Tropic met a total stranger and he looks totally yummy, so she invited him over to her house. She hopes her white polo could catch his attention, but now as she looks at him, She noticed him looking a bit frightened. So she gently caress his arm, gave him her signature smile for his muscle to relax.

Then Kya Tropic shows us the baby oil, and opened up her polo. Revealing a little of her cleavage. Wondering whatever were thinking, she thinks, can we really resist her breast? She hopes her smile doesn’t  fail her and hopes to keep us interested. Will you help her rub this oil all over her body?

 OMG! She’s  super shock to see his cock! Look how big it is! Is it hard because of her?? She does hope her mouth can handle it! She  was caught by surprised!! Her mouth was open the whole time! Maybe staring at her cleavage got him hard. She can’t wait to do all nasty things with this naughty boy.